1.Download: USB download (download STC microcontroller) and ten pin download mode (can download AT89S1, AT89S52 series of single-chip microcomputer).

2.Power supply mode: USB power supply and external power supply (external power supply, can be in the power supply voltage 5V).

3.3 LED indicator (to know the importance of the LED indicator, in practice, when the project, with this indicator can be directly used to indicate the working state of the program, convenient program debugging, better than using the emulator.

4.5V and GND through the power supply pin leads, convenient external circuit power supply circuit is introduced and leads to convenient extension.

5.DS18B20 temperature sensor interface, you can do the temperature measurement experiment.

6.Buzzer can be used as sound, alarm and other experiments.

7.1602 LCD circuit interface, you can do LCD experiment.

8.12864 liquid crystal display experiment, can do 12864 LCD experiment

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