1.This is a four line two phase stepper motor drive designed especially for arduino, it adopts easydriver protocal.It can use 4.75V~30V power supply.

2.The stepper motor drive chip,it adopts the same with EasyDrive, so it can act as two EasyDrive modules. All pins have been lead out as 3Pin electronic block/sensor block ports.

3.Provide two channel stepper motor drive.

4.3.3V/5V operating level.

5.Provide multiple electronic block ports for easier connection with various electronic block modules.

6.Drive mode can be set via jumper cap.

7.The wiring part is equipped with terminals and pins for usage under different situations.

8.Driving current can be adjusted via opting potentiometer. The two channels can be adjusted seperately.

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2-Channel 3.3V 5V Stepper Motor Driver Shield Expansion Board For Arduino

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