1. Model: L298N.

2. Size: 7cm*5.5cm*3cm.

3. Logic part input voltage VD: 5V.

4. Drive part of the input voltage VS: VIN input 6.5 ~ 12V.

5. Logic part of the working current Iss: <36mA.

6. Drive part of the operating current Io: <2A.

7. Maximum dissipation power: 25W (T = 75 ℃).

8. Control signal input level: high level 2.3V <5V, low level -0.3V <1.5V. 9. Working temperature: -25 + 130 ℃.

10. Drive form: two high-power H-bridge drive clear mark.

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L298N Dual DC Motor Shield Dual DC Motor Driver Shield For Arduino

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